slide7Aloha, and welcome to Adelina a Mare Jewelry.

My name is Rachel Fabbio, I was born in Eugene, OR and moved to Hawaii in 1993. I now live in Haiku with my husband, Valerio, and our daughter, Adele. Shortly after our daughter was born, I started teaching myself how to make jewelry. I have always been good with my hands and have a love for all things handmade. Whether its cooking, gardening, sewing, or thinking up a new diy project at my home. If it can be made from scratch, I will invariably find a way to make it myself! I didn’t go to design or art school, I just have an appreciation for beautiful things and a knack for making them.

In 2008 I formed Adelina a Mare Jewelry. What’s in a name? “Adelina a Mare” is Italian for “little Adele by the sea”, named after my daughter, Adele.
I use high quality 14k gold fill as my metal of choice. It is highly tarnish resistant, it won’t fade or chip away, and will last a lifetime. Most people who can wear solid 14k gold, can wear gold filled jewelry without any allergic reaction. I also use precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls, and specialize in intricate wire wrapping. Every piece of my work is soldered, hammered, cleaned and polished by me, to pay attention to every detail. Any jewelry you purchase from me will be truly heirloom quality

How to care for your Adelina a Mare jewelry:

To keep you jewelry looking its best, simply use a soft toothbrush and a mix of ammonia and water (1/2 & 1/2) and give it a good scrub, then rinse with water. (a squirt of window cleaner will work too) It wont harm the gemstones, but it will make it shine like new!

I truly appreciate each and every one of my clients, it is because of you, that I get to do what I love every day. Being creative makes my soul happy. And year-round sunshine doesn’t hurt either.